Bob Banks Art
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Wicken Fen Nature Reserve, Cambridgeshire UK

  A long-term project in which the ever-changing landscape and sound scape of Wicken Fen was observed and recorded during the period of a complete season. Regular observations were used to produce silver jewellery, original pastels, charcoal drawings and photography. The result is a body of work revealing the changing face of Wicken Fen as the seasons progressed.   

The Cathedral and Environs of Ely, Cambridgeshire UK


A current project that is being produced for a show at the Babylon Gallery on Ely Riverside in October 2014.  So far there are pastels and photographic work on offer but this will be added to as the year progresses.  My wife Carol will be producing silver clay jewellery based on images from the cathedral.   

Margate, Kent

When our daughter Violet opened the Proper Coffee House in Margate in 2013 we both produced work to decorate her new premises.  The Turner Contemporary Gallery was named after the town’s most famous resident and he famously loved the area for the spectacular sunsets.  It also boasts a superb architectural heritage in the old town, featured in the photographic work.  Again this is a show that will exapnd over the coming years.  Here’s a link to the Proper Coffee House website.


Below is a list of themes, mostly based on art shows that we have held or are currently working on. 

Very often my wife Carol also produces jewellery on the same theme and we hold a joint show.  You

can find her work on

Original paintings, pastels and prints