Jewellery inspired by Art and Nature
© Animation Studio Ltd 2012

My different collections reflect my thoughts and way of working with natural elements.  I also like my work to

be special and individual, which is lucky because working in the way I do means that every piece is a “one

off”.  Have a look through the collections - if you have a particular idea for an occasion or for a special

person I am more than happy to work with you in order to produce that unique piece.

Nature:        Leaves Bark Seed Heads Flowers                  Shells & Mermaids  Insects Birds Dogs


Tudor Pre-Raphaelite  WW1 Poetry & Mythology  


Occasions: Weddings Birthdays Mother/Father’s day Valentines Christmas
Nature Collection: These are the results of my walks and observations wherever I may be, from the fens of East Anglia to the shores of Kent, France and even New Zealand via my travelling daughter.
Art: I have an art history degree so I suppose it is natural that I am influenced by jewellery represented in art works, but also being a romantic by nature I am moved by poetry of certain eras.
Occasions: The above categories fit into many special occasions that we encounter in life. For instance: A leaf from a brides bouquet makes a lasting memento when  translated into a necklace. Birthday presents incorporating birth stones or inscribed names/dates. Mother's Day pieces using a Victorian flower theme Father's Day cuff links or dog tags Valentines hearts Christmas gifts...and many others